A Bachelorette Party Invaded BBC Four’s Live Olympic Coverage Last Night

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 11.05.15 AM

When you’re on live television trying to do a show recapping the day’s Olympic events, I can honestly say the LAST thing you want to happen is a bunch of hammered chicks on a bachelorette party to crash your set. That’s not an exaggeration. Outside being held at gunpoint or anything dangerous, a bunch of loud, shrieking women marching down the sidewalk right to your set is a terrifying sight.

This is the beautiful moment when a hen party crashed BBC Four's late-night Olympic coverage. pic.twitter.com/urlBmFzzKA

— Scott Bryan (@scottygb) August 14, 2016

But your boy Dan Walker from BBC Four handled it about as perfect as you can. Somehow he avoided any anger whatsoever and just ran with it. He probably hit a few of them up after his shift was over.

It’s a good thing he’s British because they’re just naturally charming. Could you imagine if this happened to Bob Costas? I’m thinking there’s a completely different ending to this story if it happens on American TV.

PART TWO: The hen party start chanting "BBC BBC BBC BBC" pic.twitter.com/22Xv6za7jv

— Scott Bryan (@scottygb) August 14, 2016