'16 Rio Olympics: Hottest Female Beach Volleyball Players

Since 1996, the summer Olympics have given the world one of the most amazing sports ever invented, women’s beach volleyball. How can a sport where one of the requirements for the athletes is to wear a bikini while hitting a ball on sand? (They aren’t forced into wearing those bikini’s but have you ever seen a beach volleyball match where they don’t? Exactly.)
Because of the domination by Kerri Walsh Jennings and Misty-May Treanor, the sport has become one of the most exciting and popular Olympic sports in recent history. They have won the Gold medal over the past three Olympic games with a sets record of 42-1. That’s not a misprint. They lost only one set over their entire three year Olympic run. Kerri Walsh Jennings will be at the 2016 Rio games and is teamed up with April Ross, they come in as a top 3 seed.
Regardless of how incredible Kerri Walsh Jennings has been for Team USA, or that she might end up winning an amazing fourth Olympic Gold medal this year, the fact remains that beach volleyball is a sport with the world’s most athletic beach volleyball stars compete in swimsuits for the chance at an Olympic medal. The competition is tough this year and the field is full of beautifully talented women.
And we have the 15 hottest players in the field this year.


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Sun Yang Attempts to Throw Cap Into Crowd, Fails