Winnipeg Blue Bombers Fan Scratches His Balls, Smells Fingers

Thanks to Canadian @mattlong_19 for keeping his head on a swivel last night during the Hamilton-Winnipeg game. It doesn’t matter where it is in the world, BC readers will find the material that they know BC readers want and need to see. Take this guy scratching his balls and smelling his fingers.
BC readers want to see that because you maniacs need to laugh at that horrible job that pays the bills. You want to see some Canuck digging into that ball sweat and coming out with a scent treat. It was pretty hot in Winnipeg on Wednesday. High of 86. Perfect ball sweat weather. Perfect free ballin’ weather.

It was a hot one in Winnipeg for this time of year. The average August high is 78 so you know #85 was digging into a hot pool of sweat.
You sick now? Cool. You pigs deserve it.
By the way, Winnipeg won 37-11 with the help of three Jeremiah Masoli INTs.

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