Terann Hilow: Athletes Poured Into My DMs After Blue Jays-Astros Appearance

Terann Hilow Astros Podcast

Had to throw together an emergency podcast this afternoon since Terann Hilow was available to talk about what went down last night at the Blue Jays-Astros game where she was wearing a modified Astros kids shirt that she specially created for her big night behind home plate.

Terann (go follow on IG) tells us that there was an immediate deluge of athletes sliding into her DMs after word started to spread amongst the athlete community. There were NFL guys at training camp sliding in. Of course there were MLB guys doing work in the DMs. She even says that MMA guys who used to play in the NFL were working her DMs. NBA guys. You name the sport, they’re sliding in.

Guys across this country are going absolutely nuts over Terann.

BTW, that’s mom next to her. She’s Terann’s photographer and helps with the custom costumes. It was family night at the park. That’s her brother on her left.