Bret Bielema's Golf Swing Is One Of The Best I've Ever Seen

Bret Bielema’s golf swing is a thing of beauty. Straight back…straight through the ball. There are bad golfers like Barkley and Jerome Bettis who absolutely butcher the game. Not the Ol’ Ball Coach at Arkansas. Nope, this guy has his swing finely tuned. And he can do it all while wearing sandals.
“There (sounds more like air) it is,” Bielema says after hammering an iron pin high.

This is the kind of stuff you’ll be seeing on the Bielema ‘reality’ show that’s coming to ESPNU at 9 EST on August 10.
You’ll also see ‘reality’ like Bielema making dinner. It’s more like some producer telling Bret that he needs to make dinner instead of going to a steakhouse so the cameras have something to film. He’s also told to be witty while making the salad so viewers will think he’s sooooo funny.

I’m all-in if I watch and see the egg timer I bought for his wedding. BTW, still waiting on a thank you note from Bert & the hot wife.

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