Houston QB Kyle Allen & Girlfriend Going Strong, Dan Uggla At Bachelorette Party & Shockey’s Shredded

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Talked to Gabby Reece, plus Kyle & Samantha Busch this morning

That’s why Morning Screencaps are late. Sure, I could’ve stayed up until 1 a.m. working for you guys or I could’ve slept for a few hours. In the old days I would’ve picked working all night. My ass is too old for that these days and I get a solid paycheck that allows me to get about 6.5 a night. The Gabby & Busch podcasts will be up later today. We’ll also have a Milk The Clock pod with Leigh Steinberg to talk NFL & I need to get the low down on what Joey Bosa’s agent is trying to do in San Diego. Busy, busy day.

Numbers fromĀ @SportsTaxMan:

reportedly get Jay Bruce from : His contract 2016 remaining $4.23M 2017 $13M team option with $1M buyout

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