Rams Cheerleader Tags Klay Thompson’s Patio

Screen shot 2016-07-19 at 2.35.36 PM

When Klay Thompson returns home from Team USA Olympic duties, he’ll find a nice surprise waiting for him on his patio: graffiti courtesy of Los Angeles Rams cheerleader Cherise Sandra.

As you can see below, Cherise just went for it and tagged her name on the pavement and included a nice heart for good measure:

Cherise Sandra
Cherise left the following caption before deciding she should delete the post:

“You & Me baby Sorry my names tagged on your patio @klaythompson”

There are no photos of the two on her Instagram page, but it looks like she had good seats to a Warriors game in March:

Update: TMZ says the two are not dating.

[H/t to TBL]

[Cherise Sandra- IG]