24 Hours In The Life Of Johnny Lovett On SnapChat

I have to give Johnny Manziel credit this morning. It looks like he’s finally sober. He’s starting to look less like a drug addict and more alive. His eyes are back. He’s looking fit. He’s looking relaxed. He’s looking ready to take hits from linebackers. It’s amazing what a trip to Hawaii can do for a guy.
Like 10 days ago he was in Cabo looking like death and now he’s looking like Lyle Lovett and the body seems to be snapping back.
And he’s back on Instagram. The dog IG is blowing up. It looks like his new travel crew is respectable. Here we go…Johnny’s putting it all back together!
Cue the ESPN rumor mill that teams are starting to kick the tires on John Football. This is where Schefty earns his money. An ESPN exec mentions that they need some buzz. Someone sends word to an agent that a favor is needed. The agent sends cryptic text to Schefty that an undisclosed team is kicking it around, checking to see if Johnny’s ready. Schefty tweets it out. SportsCenter RTs it. SportsCenter runs a breaking news segment on Schefty’s tweet. 120+ ESPN football accounts RT Schefty’s original tweet. It goes viral and we have ourselves a late July story for days.
What other buzz do we have? Brady taking his case to the Supreme Court? We need new buzz.
I’m looking at the calendar and there are 8 to 9 days to go before vets report to camp. Someone out there needs a 3rd string QB who can sell jerseys. Redskins? Bills? Step up.
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Johnny Manziel Announces He’ll Be Back on Instagram
Johnny Manziel Announces He’ll Be Back on Instagram
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