Joey Votto Has Become Baseball's Best Villain To Opposing Fans

I wrote about Joey Votto being the no fun police in Major League Baseball last month when he violently stomped out a paper airplane that someone threw onto the field. I said Joey was taking things way too serious and maybe he needed to have a little fun in his life.

But now, a little over a month later, I’ve come full circle on him. This dude has embraced the villain role so much this season that now I can’t get enough of him. He’s gone from destroying paper airplanes to flat out trolling opposing fan bases with foul balls.

Nope, no souvenirs for you, Nats fans.
And it didn’t just happen once, he did it again in the SAME GAME.

Last but not least, here’s him doing the same thing in Philly back in May.

Best villain in baseball right now.

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