NBA Reddit Thinks They've Outed Thon Maker's Real Age

It’s one of the real mysteries in sports: How old is Thon Maker? What’s Thon Maker’s real age? Is Thon Maker really 19? Or is Thon Maker really somewhere between 21 and 23? That was a huge question heading into the NBA Draft in which Thon was selected No. 10 overall by the Milwaukee Bucks.
Meanwhile, over on NBA Reddit, the investigation was underway into Thon Maker’s real age. Reddit user ‘BigCritic’ uploaded the following yearbook image that he/she says seems to prove that Thon Maker is actually between 21 and 23.
This is BigCritic’s first salvo in this war:

Later Thursday night, BigCritic came back with an update to further the Thon Maker age investigation.

Edit 2: Don’t have any other proof to add. Often (always I would almost say, with this being no exception) in Australia, photos such as this are grouped in age groups, with this particular photo being his year 12 or final year photo (17-18 years old). Proof that this is his year 12 photo, can be confirmed by the investigator work the other redditors have done – i.e. the fact that “Susan” is 23 now.

Susan Chuot’s Facebook is open and that’s where the 23 comes from.

What’s the big deal if Maker’s 19, 21 or 23? I’m still trying to figure it all out. What’s clear is that if you’re 18 to 19, foreign and have a mystique about you, the NBA’s probably going to come calling. But I’m down for a good conspiracy theory. The Internet needs more investigations like this. It reminds me of the old days when blogging was blogging and not just posting a couple of tweets and calling it a post. This is taking me back to my roots.
By the way, if you’re an American kid who wants to get drafted in the NBA, have your parents ship you off to a foreign country, get a foreign sounding name & you’re set.

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