Buy This Minnesota Vikings Tailgate RV — $3,500

If you’re a Vikings fan, you’re probably jacked about Adrian Peterson calling out players on the squad who don’t have championship aspirations. It’s all business for AP at 31 — dude needs to get his rings before the wheels fall off.
Will 2016 be the year for the Vikings and AP? Probably not! But you can tailgate to games in style with the Vikings inspired GMC RV above. According to the seller, it can make it to Green Bay and back with ease, which is pretty much all you can ask for.
Additional information from the seller:

Selling our custom finished and redone motor home and Vikings Tailgate rig. It’s served it’s purpose for a few years and unfortunately we no longer have our storage lot available. List of a few things you get minus the obvious head turning crowd pleaser! Skol!!
On board generator
Flat screen TV with HD Antenna
Surround sound
Playstation 3
Portable grill
Custom interior
New head gaskets and brakes within last 2 years

A look around:

Field turf carpet:

Vikings fixtures:


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Buy This Seattle Seahawks Tailgate Bus — $6,000
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