Warriors vs. Cavaliers Game 2: Score, Live Updates & Must-See Highlights

Marcio Jose Sanchez/Pool/Getty Images

Marcio Jose Sanchez/Pool/Getty Images

8:07 – We’re live at the Oracle Arena for Game 2 of the NBA Finals. The Golden State Warriors will look to take a 2-0 lead, the Cleveland Cavaliers will try to even things up at 1-1, and Andre Iguodala will do whatever it takes to keep this from happening again.

Ouch Iggy 😩 https://t.co/H48MpOPz0h

— Sports Vines (@SportsVine365) June 3, 2016

1Q 5:54 – Cavs are up 10-8. Andrew Bogut has given the Warriors some great minutes early on, finishing a huge alley-oop and blocking two shots.

Draymond finds Bogut for the slam on ABC! #NBARapidReplay #NBAFinals https://t.co/mimvzsMjdT

— NBA (@NBA) June 6, 2016


Bogut block on LeBron pic.twitter.com/lELZO8du3Q

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1Q 2:57 – Golden State’s up 17-13. Cleveland has really struggled to knock down shots, hitting only 6-20 from the floor. Maybe that’s because Bogut is erasing shots left and right. He blocked 4 shots in the first 8 minutes.

Bogut on one end, the MVP on the other! #NBARapidReplay #NBAFinals https://t.co/YIaXweAxgS

— NBA (@NBA) June 6, 2016

End of 1Q – The Cavs are up 21-19. James hasn’t scored yet and is 0-5 from the floor. But he does have 5 assists, 3 rebounds, and 3 steals. Thompson lead Cleveland with 8 points, and Green lead Golden State with 6 points.

LeBron finds Tristan in transition with the perfect lob #NBAVine #NBAFinals https://t.co/00OQhgCMMr

— NBA (@NBA) June 6, 2016

Poor Iggy. Dude’s groin can’t catch a break this series.

Iguodala's dick and balls are taking an absolute beating this series https://t.co/oENxl8Gi8z

— Barstool Sports (@barstoolsports) June 6, 2016

2Q 10:38 – Cleveland’s up 26-22, and LeBron scored his first bucket of the night.

2Q 9:36 – The Cavs are up 28-27. LeBron had a huge dunk after a nice feed from Delly.

LeBron James dunk off the Delly dish. pic.twitter.com/HgfHby1TrC

— â“‚arcusD (@_MarcusD_) June 6, 2016

2Q 5:09 – Golden State’s up 41-30. This GIF pretty much sums up how the last 6 minutes have gone for the Cavs.


— â“‚arcusD (@_MarcusD_) June 6, 2016

Kevin Love is still down on the court after taking a Harrison Barnes elbow to the head. Let’s hope it’s not serious.

2Q 3:38 – The Warriors are up 42-35, and Draymond Green has been on fire. He’s scored 18 points on 7-10 shooting from the floor.

Draymond nails his 3rd triple of the half on ABC! #NBARapidReplay #NBAFinals https://t.co/6aFtB389cr

— NBA (@NBA) June 6, 2016

Halftime – The Warriors will take a 52-44 lead to the half. The Cavs were down by 15 late in the 2nd quarter, but they were able to finish strong to keep this game from getting out of hand.

Green leads all scorers with 18 points. Curry has 12 points, but he also has 3 fouls, which is definitely something to keep an eye on. Thompson scored 8 points on 3-9 shooting from the floo.

Steph Curry, Klay Thompson back to back 3's. pic.twitter.com/bUlWmobCVx

— â“‚arcusD (@_MarcusD_) June 6, 2016

James has been carrying the load for the Cavs. He had 14 points, 6 rebounds, 7 assists, and 4 steals in the first half. Irving and Love have combined for only 9 points on 4-14 shooting from the floor.

Cleveland had a terrible shooting half, making only 35.6% from the floor. They have done a nice job in the turnover battle, though. They’ve turned it over only 5 times while forcing 9 turnovers.

Warriors had 20 uncontested shots (13-of-20) in first half

Cavaliers had 9 (8-of-9)

— ESPN Stats & Info (@ESPNStatsInfo) June 6, 2016

3Q 10:05 – GSW are up 55-46. Sloppy start to the 2nd half, as both teams turned it over twice.

3Q 5:58 – Golden State’s up 67-53, and it is not looking good for the Cavs. Love went to the locker room with an injury, Curry went to the bench with his 4th foul, and Klay hit a 3 from the parking lot.

Klay from DEEP on ABC! #NBARapidReplay #NBAFinals https://t.co/SYse8WAUl9

— NBA (@NBA) June 6, 2016

End of 3Q – The Warriors are up 82-62 and this one is over, folks. Green is playing out of his mind, as he has 28 points on 11-20 shooting from the floor.

Draymond Green with his 5th 3 pointer. Steph in shocked laying on the bench. pic.twitter.com/hidhFmbvZA

— â“‚arcusD (@_MarcusD_) June 6, 2016

James now has 8 turnovers after a rough quarter, but at least he had another huge dunk.

LeBron not called for a travel this time, drives and dunks. pic.twitter.com/qVoDCTmf17

— â“‚arcusD (@_MarcusD_) June 6, 2016

Definitely adding this move to my dance repertoire.

When you know you're going to win your 2nd NBA championship https://t.co/IS7HmMhxhi

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Such a pure stroke.

It’s all Warriors.

4Q 2:10 – Golden State’s up 100-75. What a disappointing night of basketball.

Check the score and pic.twitter.com/gT0qkNzwF9

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Lue is starring in a real life horror movie.

I AM DEAD AF LMAOOOOOOOO https://t.co/WXpldroz9V

— Selena (@appl3ofureye) June 6, 2016

It’s good to be the king.

Steph making the court wet in more ways than one tonight #NBAFinals pic.twitter.com/LSJlEnK60s

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Final – The Warriors won Game 2 110-77. Talk about a bloodbath. Green lead all scorers with 28 points on 11-20 shooting from the floor. Curry chipped in 18 and Thompson had 17.

James lead the Cavs with 19 points and their second leading scorer was Richard Jefferson with 12. Having Jefferson’s ancient ass as your second leading scorer is not exactly a recipe for success.

Cleveland made a putrid 35.4% of their shots from the floor. If they can’t figure things out on offense, they are going to get swept and that’s fine by me. Bring on the free Taco Bell.