Vols Fan Verbally Murders Kenny Chesney For Wanting Back On Bandwagon

The Vols are back, baby! It’s only June 1, but the VFLers like Jon Reed are already out here acting like it’s late August & we’re about to kickoff the 2016 season. If I’ve learned one thing around here about Vols fans over the last 8 or so years, you better have a thick skin or the VFLers (Vols For Lyfe) will shove your head in a giant pile of trash talking shit.
It seems like Kenny Chesney is the latest target. This all comes as it was announced today that Chesney will headline a concert at Bristol (The Band Perry and Old Dominion will open) the night before the Battle at Bristol between Virginia Tech and the Vols.
Here comes Chesney, a Tennessee native, back to the Vols bandwagon, according to Reed, and there’s no room.

Vols fans don’t forget things like this:

It’s Kenny’s job to act like he’s a fan of all SEC teams so that the fans keep buying concert tickets, etc. Vols fans don’t forget:

Jon can’t seem to forgive Kenny for even being close to another SEC logo…clearly VFLers mean VFL even when it comes down to business:

Reed just bringing pure fire lately….this is A+ stuff right here:

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Enter a Raffle for This Clemson Tailgate Truck