Vols Fan 'Bucket Man' Waving Goodbye, Has Terminal Cancer

Cancer is going to take Vols fan ‘Bucket Man’ from us in the very near future & that means we’re going to lose a guy that just wants to sit out front and wave to neighbors passing by. Bucket Man – an Army vet, according to a GoFundMe page – has been sitting in front of his house for 20 years and waving. Soon it will end.
Doctors gave Bucket Man 4-6 months to live back in March when it was determined that cancer is overtaking his body.
From Local 8 in Knoxville:

“I think that’s my purpose in life. God wants me to do that. It makes everybody happier instead of being mean and all that other stuff.”
The ‘Bucket Man’ only has two final requests: “I hope somebody will take care of it when I’m gone.”
Also, come wave him hello before he waves goodbye. “I know they’ll be missing me.”

Let that soak in for a few minutes. Bucket Man just wants to make people — during these God awful times when people bitch about damn near everything like gorillas being shot, or the cops doing something, or their burger being medium-well when they ordered it medium — just a little bit happier. Just that simple goal in his life. Give me 100 Bucket Mans & I’ll gladly throw overboard a few hundred whiners on Facebook.
Try waving to your neighbors. Offer help to someone who might need it without them asking. Take a 12-pack over to your neighbor’s house for no reason and throw it in the fridge. There’s definitely too much bullshit going on in these times and we could all learn something from Bucket Man.
His other dying wish: live long enough to see the Battle at Bristol between Va. Tech and Tennessee.

From Kenny’s GoFundMe page:

Due to financial limitations he is unable to afford his burial expenses. Any help would be greatly appreciated as he simply desires a proper funeral.
Kenny would also like to be able to do some maintenance and repairs to his driveway and home to make it possible for an ambulance to access him, and for him to live there under hospice care. He will also need some help with utilities and grocery expenses, and he wants to provide for the many cats who live at his house.

Good luck not getting choked up from this one.
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