Granny Oil Wrestles At Indy 500

I’m still rebounding from my first Indy 500 that was actually five days in Indy living it up and really getting a true feeling of what the 500 & Indy racing is all about. I know there’s this belief out there that Indy Racing is dead & that the fans don’t have passion for the sport like 25 years ago.
That couldn’t be further from the truth in Indy where not only are the fans extremely passionate over their Super Bowl, the grannies will actually throw down in a kiddie pool full of oil.
110% effort.
Do it for the boys.
I’ll write more on this later today, but I’ll just leave you with this nugget: Indy is STILL the greatest spectacle in racing. The undefeated streak remains intact. Grannies oil wrestle. College girls oil wrestle. The Midwest still cares about Indy. America still cares about Indy. The world still cares about Indy. Don’t believe me? Go see it for yourself.

Look at the age difference in this match! Kinda feel like USA should’ve had an arm tied behind her back.

Looks like a beer/oil combo:

The Best Fan Photos from the Indy 500
The Best Fan Photos from the Indy 500
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