WATCH: Gigantic Alligator Strolls Through Florida Golf Course

Charles Helms went to the Buffalo Creek Golf Course in Palmetto, Florida on Wednesday, May 25 for a round of golf. If he’s anything like me, he probably figured that it’d be a nice, relaxing day full of beers, laughs, and shanked tee shots. But Charlie ended up with a much more eventful day on the links when he crossed paths with a truly humongous alligator.

Kudos to Charlie for having the stones to record that video. I would’ve jumped in my cart and hightailed it out of there instantly. I couldn’t risk suffering a Chubbs Peterson-esque injury and ending my prolific blogging career. I also loved that he egged on his buddy to get closer for “perspective.” You gotta respect a man willing to go the extra mile for that perfect viral video.
The giant alligator is no stranger to the lush greens of the Buffalo Creek Golf Course, according to pro shop clerk Wendy Schofield.

“People have heard that he is out here and that is all they want to see so they will bring spectators to ride so somebody can get a picture,” pro shop clerk Wendy Schofield told News 3. “He doesn’t bother anybody and they don’t bother him, he’s like a mascot for the course, which is owned by Manatee County.”
“He has been here for a very, very long time, he’s not new at all. There have been guesses that he’s 15 to 16 feet long,” the five-year employee said. “The word has spread that this is a great place to come and play. He is the highlight, but we are worth the price too.” (News 3)

via BroBible & ABC Action News

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