A GoFundMe Page Was Started To Help LeBron’s Recovery After That Elbow From Tristan Thompson

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LeBron James took a near fatal shot to the face during a scuffle in last night’s Game 3 by his own teammate Tristan Thompson, and while it was clearly an accident, it sent LeBron flying backwards onto the hardwood almost causing a bloody lip. It was a site to see and really showed the competitive spirit LeBron has because he fought through it and finished the game.

See it for yourself.

LeBron flops after getting hit in the face by his own teammate, Raptors gets called for the technical foul pic.twitter.com/ECFWtu08gY

— gifdsports (@gifdsports) May 22, 2016

Brutal. So of course, seeing that this is America and we help our fellow brethren, a man from Philadelphia started a GoFundMe page asking for a measly $25 million to ease LeBron’s recovery from this unfortunate incident.

The description sums it up perfectly:

Lebron James was physically maligned while courageously trying to break up a scuffle between opposing thugs. This heroic and brazen act has rendered King Lebron virtually useless. Please donate and help Lebron get off of the ground. I know 25 million is a lot to ask but he is our King

As of right now there has been 0 dollars donated, but that doesn’t mean we can’t achieve this.

Donate here.

Update: GoFundMe closed the fund drive.