Buy This Indianapolis Colts Tailgate Bus — $5,000

After a disappointing 2015 season, a lot of people are expecting Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts to bounce back this year. And with the biggest threats in the division being the Texans and that crazy Jaguars fan, who can blame them?
So if you’re Colts fan who expects a postseason run in your future, the 1987 Chevy BlueBird bus above is on the market for $5,000. It has pretty low mileage for an old bus and a roof deck to perform some wrestling moves.
Information from the seller:

1987 Chevy Bluebird Tailgating Bus that has been converted and titled as an RV. This bus has had a single owner with low mileage over the last 7 years. Its a manual transmission with air brakes and many upgraded parts (new Batteries/Tires/Clutch/Starter). Also equipped with a steel roof rack and built in seating and flag pole mount on the roof. Has 185db train horn as well as squad light mounted on the front. This vehicle has given us many Colts victories and is wrapped nicely but is showing some age in the graphics. No super hurry to move it and will listen to any offer.

Basically it sounds like anyone who wants this bus will have to pay the asking price to get the deal done.

A look around

Don’t get too crazy on the roof deck:

Colts interior could use some organizing:

Front of the bus:

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