Genevieve Morton Hits Beach, Kerry Rhodes Back In The News & Shea Prices 1967

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Last night was pretty boring besides Steph Curry’s C-cup elbow. Tonight we ramp things up again in Cleveland where Leebs and Sierra will be holding court for Game 2. That’s at 8:30 on ESPN. The Blues-Sharks play at 9. You’ll also get Cubs-Brew Crew day baseball at 1:30 on MLB. I’m all set for more Leebs. Can’t wait.

Genevieve Morton goes arm bra at the beach

Kerry Rhodes is still with the fiancee…no more gay rumors

WV weather guy squeals like a little girl over spider

Shea Stadium concession prices in 1967

Memphis RB got this tat…then transferred 

Florida: This dumb broad took selfie…with pillow over her child

OK man finds human skull, calls TV station

Meet Caroline from U. of Florida

Dunk of the Day

Sandwich of the Day

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