Meet Kaitlyn Vincie – Fox Sports NASCAR Reporter

How am I just hearing about Fox Sports 1 NASCAR reporter Kaitlyn Vincie? How has she not become the Michelle Beadle of FS1 now that┬áJamie Horowitz is in charge over at the channel? I’m thinking you take away Vincie’s NASCAR duties and throw her on a “Sports Nation” type of show with some guy like Matt Leinart. Boom, you have a show.
And then I go to Vincie’s Twitter account and it states in her bio that she likes strong whiskey. And she fishes. And kayaks. And posts bikini IG pics. And has like 5-6 years of reporting on NASCAR on her resume. And she drinks after she hikes.
And she already follows Busted. This is incredible.
I’m calling it right now, Kaitlyn Vincie’s going to be a breakout star at FS1. Horowitz will put her on a show and the rest will be history. I’ve been around a few years. Just watch.
[Kaitlyn Vincie – IG]

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