More From Dega: Barry From Storage Wars, AJ McCarron Drinking With Big & Rich, Plus A Shorty Dirty Dancing

AJ McCarron Talladega
I had a couple videos from Saturday night at Talladega on my phone that didn’t make Monday’s full BC Talladega with Busch Beer report so we might as well post those because you guys seemed to enjoy the first report.
A little info on what went down Saturday night on the Talladega infield:
• Big & Rich played a free show for an estimated 10,000 or so fans just off Talladega Blvd. Again, I’d never seen these guys live and was pleasantly surprised. There were plenty of songs I’d never heard, but there were the classics like “Comin’ To Your City” that made me feel like I was at a College GameDay.
• Barry from Storage Wars was up front rockin’ out to the classics. The guy knew all the words.

• AJ McCarron showed up to enjoy a couple drinks (pretty sure he had one shot of Crown & a Busch) on stage with the bartenders and Cowboy Troy.
• Then we went down the Blvd. to see what that was all about. I can’t show you all the titty videos and you don’t really want to see those videos. I can show you the shorty getting all up on the woman who seemed pretty hot at midnight.
[protected-iframe id=”2a701ea6bb1941348a2586d377426c4e-22577676-23105199″ info=”” ]

My QB enjoying a beverage before Katherine pops out the child:

IMG_1766  IMG_1765

And finally, the Beaver Bus…a mobile strip club that we were told was brought in from Atlanta. We saw girls changing into their work costumes Saturday night before Big & Rich. No idea who Allen Watson is or why he closed down the Beaver Bus.


Busted Coverage Does Talladega With Busch Beer
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