Meet Rams Cheerleader Jenn Padilla


By now, you guys are well aware the Los Angeles Rams’ 2016-17 cheerleading squad has serious talent. We’ve already introduced you to their college pick-ups in MaCall Manor (UCLA) and Sammy Olson (USC) — now it’s time for you guys to meet Jenn Padilla.

Off the bat, it’s worth noting Jenn has been a member of both the Lakers and Celtics cheer teams. That’s some serious hustle to be employed by bitter rivals, so you already know she’s a quality addition.

Some fun facts about Jenn:

  • Tier 3 trainer at Equinox
  • Cal State Northridge alum
  • Former Celtics (2011-12) and Lakers (2013-15) cheerleader
  • Worked Kanye West’s birthday party

[SweatWithJenn- IG]

[H/t to @AmericanPaisa]