LFL Bench Clearing Brawl Starts After Player Drinks Draft Beer – WATCH!

Here I had no idea the LFL was back for the 2016 season and things are already off to a fiery start thanks to a draft beer, some pushing and shoving and coaches who can’t control their ladies. This isn’t the first time a LFL player has pounded a beer on the field during a celebration. Alli Alberts became a viral sensation for crushing a cold one during the 2015 season.
From the LFL press office:

It did not take long for the LFL season to explode on and off-the-field, on Friday night Omaha Heart running back and Game MVP Shaylene Durham celebrated with a ‘cold one’. The New England Liberty took exception the smacked the beer out of her hands, what followed was pure mayhem.
The New England coach is Derrick Beasley, a former draft pick of the New England Patriots. Omaha’s coach is Dontae Allen. As for the game, Omaha won 26-6. Belichick’s not going to be happy with this performance.


Lingerie QB Scores Touchdown, Drinks Beer
Lingerie QB Scores Touchdown, Drinks Beer
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