20 NSFW Black Dudes React To Harriet Tubman On The Twenty



It was the news NSFWBDs weren’t exactly expecting on 4/20. The U.S. Treasury Department just came out today and provided Twitter with the news that Harriet Tubman was replacing Andrew Jackson on the $20. Annnnndddd…all hell broke loose in the NSFWBD community.

There were the obvious thoughts about how to handle operations at the strip club. There were BDs thinking about buying drugs and how awkward that would become. There were some thinking about how they’d pay for side tail. Just when you think Tubman on the $20 is great for the BD community, there are drawbacks. I’m constantly amazed by how the BDs operate and think of the smallest of details that my white ass would never consider.

This news comes out and I didn’t even think of all the new rap videos that’ll be made. This news is actually great for the economy. There’s a belief that certain strip club patrons will switch from singles to the 20s as a novelty. That’s great for the stripper community. That could ultimately lead to better talent entering the market.

Let it all sink in. This stuff is heavy.

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