Johnny Manziel Dumped A Drink On Someone At Coachella

Wow, the hits just keep coming for Johnny Manziel after his little trip to Coachella. Today his agent of a couple weeks or so, Drew Rosenhaus, fired him. There’s also incredible chatter over Johnny looking like a carnie while hanging with Josh Gordon at the festival.
And now this news from the Coachella spotters. Keep in mind that Kirbie is in the media and is a trained spotter of all things gossip.

More from Page Six:

“He arrived wasted, partied wasted and stayed wasted,” a source said of the NFL player whose career is in peril after his agent Drew Rosenhaus said he will drop Manziel if he doesn’t get help.
“Scott Disick was hanging with Manziel and Kendall and Kylie Jenner. It appeared as if [Manziel] crashed their table. He poured himself drinks from their bottles.” And “He was stumbling as [singer] Post Malone hit the stage . . . He was dancing and sweaty,” we’re told.

Now he’s definitely not getting a job this year in the NFL. Not after dumping a drink on someone. No way, Jose. That’s Greg Hardy level stuff right there. Just when you thought the Manziel story was losing steam, it just keeps going. The bad news here is that this is on top of the news that he trashed an Airbnb rental like 10 days ago.

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