Craig Sager Drank 26 Bud Lights During a Round of Golf

If you go through BC’s Craig Sager archives, you’ll see the best sideline reporter in the game has an esteemed history of crushing beers. So it doesn’t shock us one bit that The Palm Beach Post recently ran a story about Craig running through 26 Bud Lights during a round of golf back in 2013.
Fox Sports Sun host Jason Jackson was the one to reveal this fantastic Craig story to The Post:

“I don’t think he’ll be mad at me because this is awesome. During the Milwaukee series in 2013 we went and played golf north of Milwaukee, and one of his buddies from growing up came up from Chicago. It was them, myself and Telly Hughes, the courtside reporter for the Bucks.
“Anyway, Craig Sager drank 26 Bud Lights in 18 holes and did not miss a putt. He two-putted maybe six greens, and everything else was in. We lost $70 each. It infuriated me. I don’t mind having a beverage after a round, right? But he kept having beers and I kept losing, and I thought, ‘I know this dude. This is a Midwestern man who has utter control of his constitution.’ There was no way.
“That was the day we really connected on a whole other level. When you play golf, you spend so much time out there and there are a lot of conversations. I’ll never forget that day. Ever.”

26 beers and not one missed putt? Boss.
And it’s worth noting that series between the Bucks and Heat ran from April 21-28 (with the Heat sweeping), which coincides with pictures we posted of some kids photobombing Craig in a Milwaukee hotel.

It looks like we may finally know why Craig was a little out of it that day.
Sidenote: Craig was super cool about those photos, and ended up posing with them.

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