25 NSFW Black Dudes Analyze Shane McMahon Vs. Undertaker

Shane McMahon jumping off a 30-foot cage onto a table after the Undertaker miraculously woke up and moved out of the way was the big highlight of Wrestlemania 32. Twitter went nuts. Facebook went nuts. WWE had 700k views on its Facebook video in 20 minutes.
WWE experts seemed rather bored with the rest of the show (Rock’s flamethrower was fun, though) as the script went from McMahon off a cage to Shaq coming out in his Reebok’s.
The NSFWBDs seemed to agree. They’re still analyzing what should be Shane’sĀ final jump off a cage. They know great theater when they see it. This is great theater.

Wrestlemania Fans Seem Mad At Jerry Jones
Wrestlemania Fans Seem Mad At Jerry Jones
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