It Looks Like Craig Sager Had A Really Nice Easter Weekend

If you thought Craig Sager, who’s once again battling leukemia and would have 3-6 months – or so – to live if he wasn’t receiving treatment, was just going to hole up at his Orlando house and disappear, you were wrong. Sager just had what looks and sounds like an Easter weekend that’ll ease your concerns about the legend and his battle with cancer.
This is the Craig Sager who has been to 250 Hooters. This is the Sager who married a Chicago Bulls dancer. This is the Sager who met his first wife at a Royals game.  This guy isn’t going down without a fight, dancing and a good time, as was evident from the tweets sent out by Sager’s kids and his son’s girlfriend this weekend.

Dancing and hot tubbing…the guy never disappoints. Sager gets word that the cancer is back and he doesn’t miss a step as the Sager we all fell in love with over the years, especially during the Internet era when his legendary tales came to life on Twitter and Instagram. The guy, from what we’ve seen, hasn’t changed as the years have gone on. Cancer seems to be just another minor detour to having fun.
It was announced last week that Sager is returning to work this week for TNT. He’ll handle sideline duties at Wizards–Warriors on Tuesday and Bulls–Rockets on Thursday.

But not before family time for Easter.

Sr. and Jr.

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