Anthony Davis Net Worth 2016: How Much is Anthony Davis Worth Right Now

Anthony Davis Net Worth


Anthony Davis is becoming one of the premier players in the NBA and he is only 23 years of age. Davis and his unique unibrow look have become a a presence in the NBA from day one. In his career to date, Davis is averaging 20.8 points a game, 9.7 rebounds per game while tallying 2.4 blocks a game. This should be no surprise to anybody as Davis has extended his game to not only a defensive stud but has become an offensive weapon too. Davis will be in New Orleans for years to come and their fan base should be grateful his is there anchoring the team.

Anthony Davis Net Worth as of 2016: $26 million

Let’s check to see where the former one and done NCAA and #1 NBA Draft pick has made his money.


Anthony Davis Net Worth 2013


Anthony Davis played at Kentucky for one year after being a highly touted recruit out of the state of Illinois.  In his one year at Kentucky, he was able to lead the team to a National Championship.  Like most Kentucky recruits, he was a one and done player and he headed to the NBA Draft. In the 2012 draft, Anthony Davis was selected first overall by the then New Orleans Hornets (now the Pelicans). Davis signed a four-year, $23.2 million deal in 2012 that guaranteed about $16 million. Davis was awarded NBA All-Rookie Team in his first season.


Anthony Davis Net Worth 20147


In his second and third seasons in the NBA, Davis consistently improved his game and improved his scoring input drastically.  Davis averaged 20.8 points a game in his sophomore campaign and 24.4 in his third year in the league.  This was a major step up from his rookie year when he averaged only 13.5 points a game. Davis was able to prove that he was no longer just a defensive presence in the paint, but that he was also a reliable scoring option.


Anthony Davis Net Worth 2015


This became that year that Anthony Davis changed the culture of the now New Orleans Pelicans. One word describes what he did for the organization, playoffs. The Pelicans hadn’t been to the playoffs since the ’10-’11 season when Chris Paul was still a member of the team. Davis was able to lead the team to the playoffs but had to meet up with the Warriors in the first round and the Pelicans were swept in 4 games.

However in 2015, Davis signed a five year max contract worth up to $145 million. According to Forbes, Davis will be in line for all that money due to the “Derrick Rose rule” where it stipulates that he can earn more money due to him either being name the MVP, earning a certain amount of All-Star nods or being named NBA All-Team a total of three times which he is very close to achieving.


Anthony Davis Net Worth 2016


The good news is that Anthony Davis is in line to make a lot of money in the next couple of years one way or another. The problem now is that Anthony Davis was just shut down for the rest of the season due to having a torn labrum in his shoulder. The affects him severely due to the “Derrick Rose rule” mentioned above in that he needs to either receive another NBA All-Star team nod or he may lose out on $24 million of his newly signed contract.

Anthony Davis has shown no signs of stopping his dominance in the NBA. Davis will continue to be in the All-Star game, in the contention for the MVP and near the playoff race when the team is healthy. Davis hasn’t even reached the prime of his career and he future is already looking very bright. Expect major things to come from Davis and the Pelicans in the future.  While Davis may be out for the year playing basketball, you may still see him on your TV on commercials with either Nike or H&R block thanks to his new endorsement according to USA Today.