Sports Radio Host Dino Costa Waits One Week In St. Louis Before Attacking Women

Remember sports radio host Dino Costa? He’s been fired from Sirius/XM for fighting with his bosses. He’s had loud fights with Chris Russo. Mens Journal once said Costa could “become the next Jim Rome or Rush Limbaugh – if he doesn’t get fired first.” Then he got fired from the Sirius/XM job.
Now Dino is back on the radio in St. Louis and it took him exactly one week to do what he was hired to do – by a Texan with money, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch – at 590AM. Costa went on a Twitter rant last night re: women in sports talk radio. Dino’s 6-9 a.m. show debuted a week ago today.
This is the oldest trick in the book. Find an easy target that’ll get a response and fire away.

So let’s do a quick wrap-up of what’s going on here with timeline help from the Post-Dispatch:

• Rich Texan buys 590AM in St. Louis after it had been dark since 2014. Rich Texan cranks the signal up in November 2015.
• At some point Rich Texan figures out that he needs a flamethrower to bring attention to his new toy. He hires Costa.
• Dino Costa starts March 11 as morning host and director of programming and content.
• Costa dumped the Dan Patrick Show.
• Costa offered a radio show to Curt Schilling
Costa threatened to quit on Friday
• Costa rips women in sports media/radio (strategically) on a Sunday night to lead into his Monday show.
• One thing leads to another and angry women in sports are retweeing his tweets.
And with that…Dino’s off and running.

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