BC Reader Chris Predicts The Demise Of Busted, Gives Me An Internet Lesson

Here I was just enjoying a quiet Thursday at the office. Just got back from a nice soup and salad lunch. Good conversation with a local BC reader. Decent temps. Little rain, but not a washout. Then I get a call from the NYC office: “How is everything?”
And then I made the ultimate mistake. “All good, haven’t had any App Store redirect complaints this week so it looks like we’re headed in the right direction.” Then there was a little small talk and I was done with the (semi-normally) weekly meeting. I go my way. The guy who pays my bills goes his way.
No joke, like two minutes later there was a App Store redirect complaint. I made it all the way to Thursday at about 2:30 EST before getting my first complaint of the week. By now you know how I handle all this. It’s not my shit to worry about. So I’ll leave it at that.
But that didn’t stop this full of shit BC reader named Chris Jackson (more I think about it, the more I think we’ve tangled before) who came in with a lesson on what it takes to be successful on Twitter and the Internet.
This is good. Chris is looking for useful content.

One thing that never ceases to amaze me about certain Twitter followers is that they get mad over Manziel & Kate Upton content, dating posts, Pageviews updates, etc. I hate to break it to guys like Chris, but national sites like ESPN were getting their Manziel coverage from…Busted.
Still, Chris thinks that this strategy will backfire and he has analyzed the Busted analytics via looking at retweets, comments and likes. His conclusion: I’m fucked. BC’s fucked.

Here’s where Chris won’t tell me the name of the AM station that’s kicking my ass. It’s a big secret. These are the crazy bastards I deal with on a daily basis. And some of you act like you want this life. These are the morons you get to deal with: guys like Chris who’ve figured out nearly everything in life.
Chris is right about one thing: the internet is a consolidating world where it’s definitely harder to compete when massive companies have the cash to boost posts on Facebook, or hire 15 writers. A corporation can take my post, rewrite it, post that rewrite link on Facebook, boost the shit out of the post and make it look like they broke, for example, a story on Manziel.
I was asked this week about how Busted started and what was the purpose behind it. This is a great time to go back to what the premise was for Busted. It was to entertain guys who were working miserable jobs in 2008 and need to laugh a little bit. Guys were losing jobs, houses, marriages, etc. Those guys didn’t give a shit whether Busted provided them with useful content.
In fact, they came to Busted for useless content.
So, Chris can eat a fat dick. We’ll just keep doing our thing. I’ve cashed a few checks over the years that gave me the only analytics I’ve ever needed. I’m pretty sure I know what you guys like.

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