Nuggets Dancers: Hottest Photos of the Cheerleading Squad

Once again, the Denver Nuggets are lottery bound as they currently own the fourth-worst record in the Western Conference. And to make matters worse, Danilo Gallinari’s resurgent season has hit a wall with two torn ligaments in his right ankle. He’ll be sidelined a month and will be donning his nicest suits next to Wilson Chandler.
On the plus side, if you’re a fan who is pro-tanking, you’ll probably take this. The team only has 22 games left in the season, so now is about the time for a bad team to pack it in anyway.
Season ticket holders will just have to live with the Nuggets Dancers carrying the team for the stretch run. The people will deserve some eye candy after watching Emmanuel Mudiay clank jumpers.
If you’re interested in hiring the Nuggets Dancers for an event, here are the fees:

– $100/dancer/hour for non-performing appearances (1 hour minimum; 2 Dancer minimum)
– Additional $100 / 1 minute dance performance (A minimum of 5 Dancers must be hired for a performance)
– Additional $75 / 100 autograph cards (to be signed by the Dancers in attendance)
– If you would like to hire the dancers for a dance performance only, the rate is $75 /dancer / 1 minute routine. If Dancers are required to be at the event for longer than 30 minutes, hourly rates will apply.

You can check out the hottest photos of the Nuggets Dancers in the gallery below.
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