BC Review: POWERHANDZ Pure Grip Golf Gloves

How am I testing POWERHANDZ Pure Grip golf gloves in Ohio when it’s February and the golf courses aren’t open for regular rounds for another month or so? We have these awesome new places called golf simulator bars where you can go with your friends, hit balls on a virtual range and test products that’ll hopefully make life on the course much more enjoyable when the birds start chirping and the weather is better than 40 degrees with 50 mph winds. Of course I’m looking for any reason to head to a simulator this time of year to actually see sunshine, albeit on a massive screen generated by a computer.
Powerhandz Pure Grip Golf Gloves – $69.99
Yeah, but what is it?
Powerhandz golf gloves are weighted across the top of your hand and fingers to increase finger strength that allows for proper control of the golf club in full swing. They’re like wearing batting gloves that develop forearm strength that will give you more power during your swing. The palm (sheep skin leather) is covered in grip material you’ll find on baseball batting gloves. You’re literally using these gloves to build strength and to build repetitive finger recognition for how the club is supposed to feel in your hands. The weight is placed on the flex points so the gloves aren’t going to feel awkward during your swing.
Yeah, but do I really need it?
Depends on how serious you take your golf game. Are you looking to build more strength to be longer off the tee or with your long irons? Then train with these gloves. I wore the POWERHANDZ for 15 minutes at the golf simulator and then hit for 15 minutes without the gloves. It was like swinging a golf club (driver and 9 iron) with a donut on a baseball bat, but with the weight at the top of the club. Your forearms are going to feel the burn instantly. The weight on top of your hand is going to help you feel the control through the swing. Remember Strength Shoes back in the 80s and 90s (I guess they’re still around). These gloves are for golf, like Strength Shoes were for kids trying to make the varsity basketball team back in the day. You’re looking for a strength edge. It’s right here.
With the gloves I was having a little trouble with swing speed because of the added weight that I had to throw around, which is the purpose of the gloves. Take off the gloves and it feels like you’re swinging a twig. Club speed goes up, so does distance.
Hitting 9 irons with the POWERHANDZ:

Will chicks dig it?
They’re going to see you increase forearm strength, go longer off the tee and maybe even shave a few strokes off your rounds. They’re also going to see you wearing these black and gold futuristic looking gloves and instantly wonder what you’re up to. It’s going to raise questions from the ladies at the right driving range.
Easy to use?
They’re gloves, you put them on and start whacking golf balls.

We’re all about that edge today. How can we get it on another guy at work, in life, on the golf course? POWERHANDZ gloves give you that opportunity to get an edge in a sport that you already have a love/hate relationship with. Get the gloves, use them at the simulator until the weather breaks, go to your local course, let me know how your swing changes. The guys in the office will think you’ve been crushing it at the gym.

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