Terann Hilow Is Back With New Clothes, Job With Houston Rockets

You might remember Terann Hilow from 2014 when she burst onto the Twitter scene via homemade NFL bikinis that she made and then had her mother handle the photography for photos that turned her into a Houston sensation. She even modeled a Busted Coverage bikini, a first for this illustrious operation that dates way back to 2007.
Like the pro that she is, Terann (@terannhilow) is back with a new line of tops – or bodysuits – starting with the Houston Rockets “Clutch City” top that she’s been busy promoting this week on Instagram. You either evolve or get left behind in the clothing industry and Terann has definitely evolved.
And there’s a new job to go with the new tops. She recently started her career as the new host of Rockets Rewind, a highlights show that’s posted on the official Rockets site. Terann breaks down the latest happenings with the Rockets, shows off some of her fashions and gets to talk basketball.
And before you jump to the conclusion that Terann’s just another IG model trying to break into TV because she can’t get another job, you’d be wrong. She told us in 2014 that she owns a litigation support company.
[Terann Hilow – IG]

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