Chicago Luvabulls: Hottest Photos of the Cheerleading Squad

It’s a sad time to be a Chicago Bulls fan. Sure, a playoff appearance is likely, but what is that really worth if they’re just going to get bounced in the first or second round? The team just isn’t championship caliber, and the front office can’t seem to get that through their minds.
And let’s not forget Derrick Rose is only good for flashes of his old self these days, while Joakim Noah is out for the season. Honestly, the best product on the hardwood probably comes during intermissions, when the Luvabulls take the floor.
Some information about the Luvabulls:

The Chicago Luvabulls are synonymous with talent and beauty, glamour and glitz, as well as hard work, dedication and commitment.
The Luvabulls are on hand at all of the Bulls home games, dazzling the crowds at the United Center. This group of beautiful, talented and articulate women also makes numerous personal appearances at conventions, trade shows, sales meetings, promotional events and charitable events around the country. They have travelled frequently to Europe appearing at international basketball tournaments in Holland, England and France.

Oh, and they’re game for promotional appearances, too:

The Luvabulls are one of the most recognized dance teams in sports. Members of the team also represent the club at a number of special events throughout the year including private and corporate parties, award banquets, charity events and promotional engagements.

You can check out the hottest photos of the Luvabulls in the gallery below.
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