Pelicans Dance Team: Hottest Photos of the Cheerleading Squad

After sneaking into the playoffs as an eight seed last season, things have come crashing down hard for the New Orleans Pelicans. A combination of Alvin Gentry really not being a good coach, injuries, and bad roster construction have doomed what was supposed to be a coming out party. Seriously, the Pelicans were everyone’s preseason darling, and here they are at 22-34.
However, Pelicans fans can still hang their hat on Anthony Davis’ ability to randomly explode for 59 points and 20-plus rebounds randomly. If only they kept that Ish Smith guy, who knows where they’d be.
Unfortunately for the Pelicans Dance Team, they’ll have to hope for another push next season to do some postseason dancing. (At least they’ll have less time to spend with the freaking King Cake Baby, though.)
If you want to book them for a function of some sort, here are their fees:

$75 per girl for non-performing appearances
For appearances without a performance, the minimum is
2 girls for 2 hours – $300 base rate
$100 per girl for appearances including a performance
For appearances with a performance, the minimum is
5 girls for 1 hour – $500 base rate

Check out the hottest photos of the Pelicans Dancers in the gallery below.
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