Alyssa Nelson Gets Excited At Miami Heat Game

Alyssa Nelson Miami Heat Fan Photos Video

Model Alyssa Nelson had been building up to what happened last night at the Pacers-Heat gameĀ for the last 2+ years since she first appeared on Busted Coverage as a hot Minnesota Wild fan. She was the hot Wild fan who screamed “whoop his ass Charlie” from behind the glass during a game.

Now she’s the Miami Heat fan going nuts after Goran Dragic dropped a bucket on the Pacers. And that means she’s about to get posted on about 40-50 men’s interest web sites.

Take note, aspiring models. Figure out a way to get front row seats at a game, wear something revealing, go nuts over a bucket in a February NBA game, hope a camera catches you going nuts. Then sit back and watch it spread. One thing leads to another and you’ll likely be dating Klay Thompson.

Do your thing Alyssa.

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