DJ Brooke Evers Had Fun On The Gronk Cruise


I told you on Friday how Australian DJ Brooke Evers would be on the Gronk Cruise and that she’d be a hit because she does some surfing modeling on the side and is hot. Add it all up and she was in the middle of everything on the Gronk Cruise. She was in the 14th story super private owner’s suite or whatever they’re calling the grotto room where the late night parties went down. (See the Gronk Cruise master post for that action.)

She was on the private level for the daytime action when Gronk was walking around trying to rehydrate. Brooke went from just some DJ before this weekend to one of the DJs on the inaugural Gronk cruise, something the Internet will be talking about years from now.

I think Brooke’s career is about to really take off.

Bye Miami!!!!! ❤️ @stuntmanphoto

— Brooke Evers (@Brookeevers) February 22, 2016