Meet Brooke Evers – Gronk Cruise Ship DJ

The Gronk Cruise Ship was scheduled to set sail this morning out of Miami where hyped bros & ladies looking to let loose were about to go on the adventure of a lifetime with the Gronk family, famous friends and a squad of DJs whose job will be to keep the party hyped.
One of those DJs is none other than Brooke Evers. Never heard of Brooke? That’s a shame because she’s been tearing up Snap, has a decent sized IG following at just under 500k and I’m sure she’s awesome at the deck(s) because Team Gronk wouldn’t approve of a B+ DJ.

Yep, she’s hot. you can see that.
Brooke is Australian, which means she’s fun, and works as a surfing model on the side. This chick might return from sea a viral superstar. We’re one Gronk video away from that happening.

Danica Patrick Attempting Some Synchronized Yoga
Danica Patrick Attempting Some Synchronized Yoga
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