Girls Basketball Player Dives On Court, Impaled By Splintered Board

A 14 year old girls basketball player was impaled by a splintered board during a tournament game Sunday in Middleton, Wisconsin. According to News3 in Madison, who obtained the game footage, the girl slid into a board that was split and splinters pushed into the girl’s “stomach region.”

“It was 3 to 4 inches long and in some parts, maybe a quarter to a half inch deep,” Hibner said, describing the floorboard.
Around 2:30 p.m., minutes after the accident, emergency crews responded to the scene. Hibner asked everyone else to leave the gym as the girl was put on a stretcher and pushed out of the gym. The entire incident was resolved within a half hour. There were 34 teams present at the tournament Sunday, all middle school-age girls.
Hibner said surprisingly, there was no blood. The young player spent the night at American Family Children’s Hospital, and according to Hibner, there were no injuries to her internal organs.

This Hibner guy doesn’t expect legal action. Maybe he forgot that it’s 2016 & people tend to protect themselves and their children against future health complications.

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