Dutch Soccer Team Celebrates Valentine’s Day With Model Mascots


Just want to go on record and say that Dutch soccer team RKC Waalwijk pulled off the best Valentine’s Day stunt I’ve ever seen out of the sports world. I’m usually a dick towards the soccer world because it’s full of soft white guys who are fake fans that fake care about soccer because it helps with their street cred.

Not this time. I’m all for what RKC Waalwijk did with the pregame show. During the normal introductions, the players walked out with models in their Sunday best who were selected off Dutch MySpace – or whatever social media site is hot over there right now.

Did this stunt motivate the boys? Somewhat. They only lost 1-0 to FC Emmen. RKC Waalwijk remains last in its 19-team league, but now they’ve gone viral thanks to the Valentine’s stunt. Great work to the marketing department.