Manti Te'o’s Girlfriend Has a Police Record

In case you guys aren’t buying the Instagram videos and pictures of Manti Te’o’s new girlfriend, Jovi Nicole, we’ve found some more information to prove she’s 100 percent legit.

Unfortunately, that information is a nice collection of mugshots amassed over the years.

In 2009, Jovi was in an Arizona “Most Wanted” ad for theft:

Before being detained in April of 2014 for a “drug-related offense in Arizona:”

And finally in August of 2014, Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office got her on marijuana and drug paraphernalia possession:

Again, the most important thing here is she’s real. The theft and pot possession stuff is in the past with her newfound glory in the Instagram modeling game.

Meet Manti Te'o's Girlfriend – Jovi Nicole
Meet Manti Te'o's Girlfriend – Jovi Nicole
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