Steelers And Bengals Fan Get In Scuffle After The Game Last Night


As you know, the Bengals had the most epic choke job of the century last night by committing the probably the two dumbest penalties in a row to lose the game on a field goal. Bengals-Steelers games are always fun because everyone hates each other and not just the players, but the fans too.

I expected there to be some sort of scuffle between the fans either during or after the game, and with the way the game ended, there was no doubt there would be a fight. In this video we have a Steelers fan in a classic Mean Joe Greene jersey starting all kinds of trouble outside of the stadium.

I’ll say it wasn’t exactly the fight I was looking for. Nothing really happened except for some pushing and shoving and the psycho Steelers fan dropping a nice hard “WHO THE F*CK DO YOU THINK YOU’RE F*CKING WITH?” as he was getting pulled away. I think the guy in the Steeler jersey actually thought he was Mean Joe Greene.

Bro, chill out. Your team won.