Meet Houston Cougars Cheerleader Anissa

I nearly forgot that Houston was playing in the Peach Bowl. No joke, I was going through Instagram trying to find a Florida State cheerleader to highlight for today’s game and then it occurred to me that Houston was playing and that there had to be fun cheerleaders at the school. Of course you guys know we’ve been on the Houston Texans cheerleader bandwagon from way back when they started doing the Friday videos.
So one thing led to another and I ran into Cougars cheerleader Anissa. The IG wasn’t locked down like the Florida State cheerleaders who are all secretive about their social media lives. That’s what’s great about Houston. The cheerleaders aren’t all stuffy. They seem fun. Probably hit the clubs, don’t mind if you know it and they get social media.
Take Anissa. 121 IG posts…12.8k IG followers. Very smart. She’ll leave school with a huge following and a degree. This is the new American Dream and I’m all for it.
[Snapchat: anissaybarra  |  IG]

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