Kelly Stafford Tried To Sell Tickets On StubHub, Destroyed By Miserable Lions Fans

Kelly Stafford, wife of Lions QB Matt Stafford, posted an IG image on Saturday announcing she was selling five tickets on StubHub for tonight’s game in New Orleans. It appears she had to dump the tickets fast and figured why not give Lions fans in Nola a shot at great seats to see the Lions finish out 2015. Innocent stuff.
And then the hate started pouring in on IG. And if there’s anything that Lions fans are professional at…it’s hating on the Lions. Look up miserable, angry, happy one minute…hate the world the next NFL fans in the NFL dictionary and you’ll be looking at Lions fans. Don’t believe me? Just watch Lions Twitter bitch about missed calls during tonight’s game. You’ll be miserable in 5-10 minutes.
Anyway, Kelly (an old friend of the site) was destroyed because fans thought she was selling player tickets for a profit. You know, the typical overreaction that’s been popularized by the Facebook community. Keep in mind that Stafford donated $1 million this year for a new rec center field for kids to play on.
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Of course she had to clarify that she bought the tickets for her family, but grandpa is sick so the family is staying home. So Kelly wants her money back out of the tickets. Seems like a logical thing to do, right?
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