2015 ESPN GameDay Signs: Army vs Navy



Championship weekend is over and we now know who is in the four team College Football Playoff. Alabama will play Michigan State in the Cotton Bowl and Clemson will play Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl. 2 great games and even though they’re on New Years Eve (which sucks BALLS), I’m still going to pumped to watch them.

But before we get into bowl season, there’s still one more week of regular season football for the GameDay crew to attend and that’s the traditional Army-Navy game the week after all of the championship games. Even though Navy basically kicks the shit out of Army every year, it’s still one of my favorite games to watch, partly because it’s always the only game on that weekend, and also because of the pageantry.

The game is in Philly so we’ll see what kind of sign game they have. If you remember, last time GameDay was in Philly this year for Temple, they brought the thunder. Let’s see if they do it again, here are the best ones.

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