TCU Cheerleader Brittany Gibson Went Trapshooting Again

Tired of “all the anti-gun rhetoric coming out of Washington D.C.” or however politicians say that line? Here’s a positive gun post: TCU cheerleader Brittany Gibson is back to busting a cap in a clay pigeon’s ass and she’s going to drive you pro-gun guys absolutely nuts.
Brittany made her BC debut in October when she was shooting trap in shredded jorts and we’ve been following her blossoming career ever since. You know the story from the football field: injury at the QB position crushed the Horned Frogs chances of winning the Big 12 and taking on Clemson. Brittany and her fellow cheerleaders will have to settle for a hot cheerleader showdown with Oregon in the Alamo Bowl on Jan. 2.
Meanwhile, Brittany is going to bust a cap and have a little holiday fun. Things seem to be getting cranked up.
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