2015 ESPN GameDay Signs: Iowa vs Michigan State In The Big Ten Championship

We’ve made to championship week and I can’t believe. It seems like yesterday I was writing the first GameDay Signs post of the year talking about how excited I was for the season and just like that it’s almost over.
Today the crew is in Indianapolis for the Big Ten Championship Game with Iowa and Michigan State facing off. This game is essentially the first round of the playoff, or more like a play-in game. You win this game, you’re in the four team playoff.
We pretty much have an idea who the other three teams will be (Bama, Clemson, Oklahoma) as long as they take care of business today. There still could be some chaos if UNC beats Clemson in the ACC Championship. Then the committee will have some decisions to make, but we’ll see.
Happy championship weekend and here are the best signs from Indy:
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2015 ESPN GameDay Signs: Oklahoma State at Oklahoma
2015 ESPN GameDay Signs: Oklahoma State at Oklahoma
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