Urban, Les & Bert On Recruiting Trail, Plus More Sad Browns Fans

Ohio State just waiting on Clemson or Bama to slip
It’s all set for the Buckeyes to slip right into that Final Four. There they are at 6, just waiting to bounce over one of those top four teams. ESPN can taste it. The college presidents who make huge money off these games taste it. Don’t listen to what other national media outlets say, they would rather have 30 days of talking about Ohio State than Clemson. They want to make that Ohio State hate money. They want the pageviews. This isn’t about one day and one TV rating. OK, so the national semi is on New Year’s Eve. Think if you have Bama-OSU in a rematch. Say OSU loses that game. The national media will be talking about the loss for 5-7 days after. They’ll get 30 days of eyeballs out of OSU in that Final Four.
Numbers fromĀ @ToddFuhrman:
UGA firing Richt to hire Smart is like dating a reliable 8 but throwing in the towel hoping the potential in a 6 eventually becomes a 10

Sad Browns Fans, Sad Pettine Press Conference & Johnny's DD
Sad Browns Fans, Sad Pettine Press Conference & Johnny's DD