2015 ESPN GameDay Signs: Oklahoma State at Oklahoma

I said a couple of weeks ago about how the Big 12 screws itself by not having a championship game like the rest of the power conferences. Now that we’ve gotten to the last week of the regular season, the same thing that happened last year has a chance to happen again. Oklahoma State beat TCU, Baylor beat Oklahoma State, and Oklahoma has beaten Baylor and TCU. And then last night TCU beat Baylor. So everybody has beaten everybody and it’s basically coming down to this last week.
The GameDay crew is in Stillwater today for rivalry week where Oklahoma is going up against Oklahoma State. Both have one loss, so it all comes down to if Oklahoma wins and if they do, they’re in the playoff plain and simple. But if they lose, then it may be 2014 all over again where no Big 12 team makes the playoff. Poor Big 12.
Here are the best signs from today’s show:


2015 ESPN College GameDay Signs: Oklahoma at Baylor
2015 ESPN College GameDay Signs: Oklahoma at Baylor
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